Our Story


Mrs Pho is a tribute to all the Vietnamese mothers, grandmothers and aunties we affectionately crown best cook in the family, best cook in
the neighbourhood, best cook, period. Everyone has their own ‘Mrs Pho’. And eating at her place is like eating out at home. It is on this simple ideal that we built our restaurant; a place where we feed you like family.

Eating at Mrs. Pho is more than just a meal, it is a lesson in ‘Pholosophy’, a genuine slice of Vietnamese culture from plate to fit out. Everything has a story, and the joy, for us, has been weaving these narratives into a visual and culinary experience that we hope you will delight in, as you discover one quintessential dish at a time.abt_pic3


We believe in making a difference by striving for the same, by staying true to traditions, by adhering to authenticity. At Mrs Pho we are ‘Pho
Real’. There is no bastardisation nor is there any ‘fusion’ on the menu here — it’s traditional Vietnamese food. Just like how mamma used to cook.